Fight For Your Marriage…Even If Everyone Tells You Not To

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Do you want your marriage to work, but you don’t know how? You know staying together is the right thing to do, but everything about our society makes it easier to give up and move on. Even the way people talk about marriage makes you question whether staying together is worth it:

“It’s just a signed piece of paper.”

“If you don’t like being married, just get a divorce. It’s that simple.” 

It is easy for someone else to tell you to quit when the going gets tough, but only you are responsible for your decisions. And if you’ll choose to fight for your marriage, God will fight with you.

Throughout the Bible, God is described as our help, our shield, our fortress, and our strength. And in Psalm 33, the Bible promises that “the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love…” Read More

The Best Is Yet To Come

Prayer: The Final Push

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Week of Grand Opening

As Relevant’s Grand Opening weekend comes and goes, we realize that all of our collective efforts would fall short without God’s help and our utter dependence upon him. Over the next six days, would you pray specifically for our staff team and for those with whom you serve—that God would enable, empower, and protect them and their families? Let’s do it together!

Day 1 – SaturDATE Night Services
Day 2 – Pastor Carl and Julie Nichols (Jase and Trey) – Lead Pastor
Day 3 – Pastor Brandon and Laura Conn (Ava, Ellia, and Jack) – Worship Pastor
Day 4 – Pastor Mark and Melissa Einersen (Olivia, Natalie, and Brook) – Operations Pastor
Day 5 – Pastor Daniel and Tiffany Mead (Cooper) – Campus Pastor
Day 6 – Dream Team Volunteers – If you currently serve, pray for the people with whom you serve.


The Best Is Yet To Come

The Long Road To An Overnight Success

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DAY 19

From Newspring Church.

Read 1 Samuel 17:1-37.

David was not an “overnight success.” The unknown shepherd laid the groundwork for his victory against Goliath long before the epic showdown that made him a legend.

Before defeating Goliath, David was tasked with tending sheep (1 Samuel 17:15). Hardly heroic, the assignment was mostly unremarkable.

But David’s responsibilities required him to fend off bear and lion attacks. Read More

The Best Is Yet To Come

Why Won’t God Tell Me the Next Step?

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DAY 17

From Pastor Rick Warren.

“When you make a promise to God, don’t delay in following through, for God takes no pleasure in fools.” (Ecclesiastes 5:4 NLT)

You already know a lot of things God wants you to do with your life. So why haven’t you done them? God is not obligated to give you step 2 until you’ve already done step 1. Some of you keep saying, “I want to know God’s will for my career/marriage,” and God’s says, “Let’s get to the basics. Are you reading your Bible? Are you in a small group? Are you tithing? Are you talking with me?” You need to start doing what you already know to be the revealed will of God for your life. Read More

Easter at Relevant

Weekend Message Takeaways

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Here are some takeaways from the Easter at Relevant message, “Doubt Your Doubts.” You can watch or listen here.

  • Are your doubts rooted in who you thought Jesus was or who he said he is?
  • Some of you have given up on Jesus because you were hoping he would do something he never promised to do.
  • Is there an urgency in your desire for Jesus or is he a passive option in your life?
  • You have not experienced the resurrected Jesus because you’ve been content with being around spiritual things.
  • When you come face to face with the resurrected king, you never stay where you are.



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